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We offer blogger outreach links categorised as per DA, DR, or organic traffic. Below is the pricing for All 3 models.

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Country-Specific Backlinks

Get a huge audience and improve the online visibility of your website with our specialized country specific backlinks services. If you are looking for links from some specific country then you are in the right place as our outreach experts sweating hard to manage a strong database of country specific backlinks.

benefit of Buying
country specific backlinks from FastLinky

The country specific backlinks aim to build high-quality links on websites hosted in other countries and regions. For instance, if your website is located in the USA but you want to grow it and enhance its global rankings for diverse keywords, our country-specific link-building service will help you do so.

Thus, our country-specific link-building service can benefit you in two ways:

1. It directs foreign visitors to your website. So that you will get increased traffic and exposure to potential clients.

2. It makes your website more visible to search engines, making it easier for native clients to find your company online.

Avilable Guest Posting Sites

We believe that SEO Guest Posting Services with maintaining high-quality content, definitely helps all brands to grow their business. We can assure you that your website will touch the vertex of the mountain after creating quality content for your brand through our Premium Guest Posting Services. There are 30000+ high Domain Authority (DA) websites spread worldwide. Hence you can choose easily any website to post by using our Guest Posting Services. Few blogs are given bellow-

Blog Name DA DR Traffic Grey Niche Price General Price 28 48 50k $400 $60 55 44 25k $250 $50 54 40 1k $200 $50 53 41 5k $250 $50 54 44 2k $250 $40 62 33 4k $250 $50 60 20 1k $150 $40 55 20 $100 $20 53 48 1k $200 $40 66 20 $100 $20 54 50 $100 $20 56 65 2k $100 $40

How Does It Work

It is a common fact that link-building is the most important part of a successful SEO campaign. On the other hand, developing links relevant to a particular country takes it a step further when it comes to increasing internet presence in international markets. Without any language obstacles, our professional team always maintains a solid and appropriate partnership with many foreign websites. When it comes to international link outreach, that is how we satisfy our clients.


Our team of specialists thoroughly analyzes your website, the sector, and the competition. After that, the optimum keywords and the engaged country are preferred for the ideal placements in search ranking results.


In order to get high-authority guest post services, we at Fastlinky create strong links with multiple international bloggers and influencers. We guarantee our client that the link will be placed only based on the targeted country with stable organic traffic.

Content That Is Available In Several Languages

Our professional outreach staff collaborates with well-known authors to produce acceptable, international content for link-building articles.

What Do We Have To Offer In
Terms Of Outreaching International Multilingual Links?

Buy Backlinks USA : It is effortless to sell and buy backlinks from this site. Anyone can join this website and get backlinks. However, FastLinky is a link-building service that is completely secure.
Publisher Preference : Link placement is carefully selected to match the service being sold, the local target, and the money that is available.
Publisher Outreach : Contact your preferred authors directly, in their own languages, and without the use of any intermediaries.
Multilingual Content Creation : The production of highly effective, SEO-optimized content in additional languages by native writers is referred to as multilingual content creation.
Reporting In Detail : A complete report that provides all necessary information on the released links.

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It’s a good practice to have country-wise backlinks for your site, people often target specific countries to rank. In such a scenario country wise backlinks matter a lot. It helps to rank your pages or sites in a certain country. We provide such services quite efficiently. You can reach us in case you are looking to buy quality backlinks Australia. Not only in Australia you too can buy backlinks USA cheap from us. We do have a massive database of country-wise blogs from where we create links for our clients.

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Frequently asked link building questions

Needless to say, English is the most common and widely spoken language all over the world. Moreover, most content available on the internet is in the English language. However, there are still huge audiences who do not speak or want content in English. International link building is about making your brand visible to international locations.
We have an expert content writer who writes country-specific content that can target non-English people too.
Generally international business understands only the UK and US markets. However, there is still a bigger scope to catch the audience of non-English speaking people.
We produce fresh content for our clients. We have several contents that already ranked in the US and UK markets. But it is not right that translation also works for us. Therefore, we provide fresh content to our clients.
We have a special team of dedicated SEO for multilingual international projects. Our goal is to help our clients in the process of boosting their sites. Moreover, our focus is to build a strong relationship with bloggers and influencers from different countries for benefiting our clients through the international link-building process.
As a crucial part of our multilingual link-building process, our expert outreach team only works with high-DA and high-traffic sites in different countries. For instance, France, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Australia and Singapore are only very few of them.
When a product or service is designed for one country specifically rather than many, it is referred to as being "country-specific" on the website.
A country code top-level domain, or ccTLD, is another name for a country-specific domain. A country-specific domain suffix is an internet top-level domain that is typically used for websites with local server hosting.
For SEO purposes, a website needs between 0 and 100 backlinks to each unique web page and between 40 and 50 backlinks to the homepage overall.
Yes, since the number of backlinks and ranking are highly correlated, Google uses the reasonable and random surfer models to verify the worth of each link. Multiple connections from the same site are also beneficial for SEO because it is more natural.
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