What Is Link Farming – Why You Should Stay Ahead Of This?

Editor / June 15, 2023

This is called beneficial when a well-established backlink profile comes to enhance your search engine ranking performance and build a high authority niche. 

But! you have to make sure that when you gain a link from a site, you should check them well and then receive it. Diversely this can break your confidence if this is a harmful backlink such as link farming.  

Nowadays, every website owner has a great idea of how link building is essential for their SEO performance. Link building not only works to boost your SEO but also helps to gain more organic traffic. With this opportunity, clients not only visit your website but are also curious about linking with your website and also help others to recommend your opportunities. 

However, today’s topic is about link farming, but do you know the actual features of the link farm? Let’s learn in detail about link farming. 

FastLinky will solve your confusion about the entire topic of the link farm. Let’s read carefully.  

Definition Of Link Farming

As the name suggests, you may understand what is link farming. Farm means where something like food or some livestock will grow up, as the same applies to link farms, where a website or a group exists to create links to other websites. 

Typically link farms will generate more links where your website may need so much. 

Link farming is basically a form of manipulation process that is still considered Black Hat SEO. it’s easier to understand an example of link farming is giving the inbound links to a particular website that still needs to rank but they don’t. 

As an authority when you buy links, you don’t know but you are just unknowingly hacking the ranking system of your website. And that is enough reason to dive your website in Google’s eye and you should be penalized by search engines if they will be caught you producing link farming. You should know that Google will be smart better than you, and know the difference between an organic backlink and the link farm backlink.

Marketers sometimes use link farms to quickly build a backlink profile. However, it is important to note that link farming can prove itself to do more harm than good.

Best Ways To Identify A Link Farm

As you know the features of link farms, you may think about how you identify these types of links. don’t worry about this, we are here to resolve your confusion among the forum links. 

Let’s see whether your website will receive authority backlinks that genuinely create high-quality inbound links or link farms that not only harm your SEO but break your site’s structure also. 

See our following statements so that you simply clarify them –

  • The first thing you should see is the rank score of Google because a low-rank score page is always seen as not valuable as an authority site.
  • The writing skill should be irrelevant or poor for the readers that are simply clarifying that this is not appropriate content.
  • The actual topic of the content should be covered by random and unspecified subjects.
  • The entire page of content will be full of links without context.
  • Here you can find a domain name that is meaningless or you can see that it consists of some letters or numbers. 

Why Is Link Farming Denied By Google?

Every search engine starting with Google says that every linking strategy tries to demote the quality of search results, whether the lions are inbound or outbound, if your links will try this you may be penalized by Google or other search engines. 

A manual activity is a disadvantage to Google for websites that violate Google’s webmaster grade approaches. When someone analyst from Google considers your website and discovers corrupt manners, Google immediately mails you a manual activity notice about your site will go through a right or a wrong way. You will detect a huge transformation in your site’s organic traffic.

Google is one of the most growing and popular websites in the world, the search engine is serious about building high-quality inbound links that are growing from truly reputable and trusted sources.

But the link farm intentionally tries to defraud Google’s algorithm to gain artificial rankings for websites that never earned a genuine ranking performance for them. 

This harms the virtue of Google’s search engine ranking pages (SERP)s, constructing it harder for searchers to associate with the most useful solutions to their queries.

Using any kind of link farming, you may lose your credibility and your website ranking performance in Google’s eye. You should not select any kind of link farms, otherwise, you get in trouble.  

You Should Keep A Distance From Link Farming

Whether it seems as simple as ranking high in the Google SERP by using the link farm, it is riskier than you think it is easy. Why should you keep your distance from link farming? – let’s see it in the total article and understand whether it is safe or illegal.   

Examine Your Link Options Carefully

Whenever you choose the outbound links that add to your content, make it a little hard to confirm that the website where you think about linking, is reputable or not. 

Select websites and also content in the same niche. You have to make sure that the links are from relevant, trustworthy websites that rank well. 

Always create a difference between an inbound and outbound link, cause an outbound link is a suggestion from you to your audience that has unlimited power to dive your website. So Pick wisely.

You have to be alert when demanding inbound links from other website owners. You should mostly sidestep dealing with anyone who pushes to sell you this type of link. 

Make sure that you are not consider to buy the link farm and not only you but also wary of other people buying the links. 

You Should Understand The Difference Between Directories And Link Farm

You should understand the difference between a link farm and a directory, because a link farm and a directory may look like same. Although they are very different from each other. 

You should know that the link farms are incidental, but the directories are indexed and well-integrated. 

Link farms do not even deliver a proper service to their guests, while the directories are usually live to help information seekers discover what they are glimpsing and they are also fabulous for your SEO exertions and search engine ranking performance. While the link farms will basically try to damage your SERP ranking. 

Concentrate On Reaching The Organic Links

As we suggest first that link farm will basically try to damage your SERP ranking performance and get through the traffic, the inbound links and outbound links may be receiving with an examining process and then get it. The link farms will genuinely try to skip your ranking with Google. At first, you might think it does a very good ranking job but some quite ahead you may understand the difference between the link farms and genuine links. 

Why Does Link Farming Worth The Risk?

Read the following statements carefully, and you will understand why link farms should be avoided at all costs.

Link Farming Quality Is Broken Your Trust

It should never be considered that one good backlink is as good as another. There is no doubt that it can be an alternative. 

A poor-quality backlink is never regarded favourably by Google and other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc. 

You have to be in mind that high-quality backlinks are genuine, truthful, and also organic that are basically come from a reputable and trusted authority.

Those backlinks that come from link farm have none of the above qualities, so the links are likely to damage the SEO ranking and break your trust. 

It Also Broke The Trust Of The Longevity

Link farms are often going down as fast as they wake up, which means those links that are periodically meaningful for you and your website, are suddenly meaningless for you and break down the longevity and they will disappear. There is no assurance that your exact links will not be dismissed, even if the link farm remains live, so you have to be careful about this and you should understand the whole confusion between them.

You May Suffer Extreme Punishment For Using It

If you have a poor-quality link and you may be using it, and this will come through the link farm, it causes a serious penalty for you and you do not try to overcome this type of hassle. 

If this occurs, you won’t be reported officially, but you will see a prominent fall in your web traffic and search engine ranking performance. Then you have one option which is to complete a full audit of your site and repair the bad issues. 


Link farm will basically attempt to injure your SERP ranking performance and damage your organic traffic. It is not only damaging your site structure but also taking away the reputation of your website on the web which you are gaining with your so many struggles and effort also. 

If you ask for our suggestion, we say you still stay ahead of these types of links. 

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