Top 50 Google Website Ranking- Most Visited Website In 2023

Editor / April 17, 2023

Nowadays millions of information are available. Choosing the Google ranking system, multiple results are shown in the search engines. With the vast of those pieces of information, we FastLinky will provide you with the help of a table that understands the whole thing about the Google website ranking. Read below. 

Here you find an article that helps to earn a basic knowledge of some ranking websites on the web. Get an updated result.

Search engine ranking factor is a major component of your daily life cause it may help to update you with a new version of ranking websites. From here you will get the answer to those questions that thinking you many more times how does my website rank on Google and where does my website rank on Google?

Google is one of the biggest platforms whose market share is 92%. Believe me, if your page ranks on the first page of Google, it will automatically help to generate traffic.

How Results Are Automatically Generated

Results are shown on SERP with all of its ranking factors. When appropriate content is delivered by you to your target audience, it will automatically generate more traffic to your website. To create relevant content, some small things you should keep in your mind.

Keyword research:

It is the secret of ranking in search engines. You should choose the right keyword for your content. It will work like a magic. Choose the right relevant keyword and write based on it.

Some mistakes that should not be done by you with your website ranking are –

1. Never choose an unspecific or irrelevant keyword. They can harm your SEO.

2. Never select a keyword that is without enough traffic.

3. Do Not to trying rank for a single keyword, you can use many more keywords.

4. Never pick a keyword that has zero competition

5. Not to target a non-reasonable keyword

Improve Your On-Page Seo:

Improving your on-page SEO is not a difficult thing. To create quality content you should follow our instructions. First of all, you should collect the right URL, then make a title and description for each page. Utilize the anchor text, add alt text to images, track your content, and improve it. 

Monitor Your Technical Seo:

Technical SEO is a more important factor in ranking websites in Google. It makes the website more friendly and also finds duplicate content and fixes it. It greatly impacts a website’s performance in Google.    

Post High-Quality Content:

To join the Google website ranking you first create high-quality relevant content that should be user-friendly. It should also be appropriate that people can be curious to share on social media and want to link too.

Decrease Your Bounce Rate:

Improve your website’s bounce rate. Thinking of why it is important to rank in Google? – well, it is doesn’t like Google where people visit a site but it will not specific to them and fast back to the SERP. It’s all about your bounce rate. Making it simple means decreasing your bounce rate and seeing the results.

Creates Backlinks To Your Site:

As you know Google’s algorithms are more based on backlinks. The more backlinks your website has, the higher your website is ranked at the top of SERP. Backlinks are a major ranking factor in Google. Put backlinks in your guest posting strategy and use keyword reach anchor text in your backlinks.

Use Internal Linking:

Using internal linking is an easy process to enhance your Google website ranking. Link from one page to another page is a great way to generate more traffic to your site.

Follow Your Result:

Check your content daily and see the traffic also. If the traffic is not valid, update your content, put new and genuine information that doesn’t put before your content, and finally, see your result.

After all the procedures are done, now a question is on your mind how to check website ranking on Google? There are many tools available on the internet where you check website ranking in Google.

Here are some popular tools that help to earn basic knowledge about Google website ranking are-

1. Google search console
2. Ahrefs
3. Ubersuggest
4. SEMRush
5. Moz
6. Sitechecker
7. SERanking
8. SERPstat,  etc.

Which Websites Rank On The Web And Get The Most Traffic:

Of course, Google is the most visited website in the world. Google has over 4.3 billion users all over the world and 3.5 billion searches per day. In research, April 2021, google’s market share value is 92.24%. But Google’s authority doesn’t stop there. 

The second most visited website worldwide is YouTube, which is also owned by Google. But Google and Youtube are not only the biggest platforms, there are also many websites that achieve the top ranking on the web such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Here we make a table of content so that you get a full knowledge of Google website ranking, see their traffic and more details.

RankWebsiteCategoryUnique VisitorsPages/ VisitAvg. Visit DurationBounce Rate
1google.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Search Engine  10.3 B3.3721:2142.74%
2youtube.comArt And Entertainment > Streaming And Online TV7.5BB5.4836:2833.62%
3facebook.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Social Media Networks3.5B2.6321:4255.07%
4twitter.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Social Media Networks2.3B1.8121:0670.90%
5instagram.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Social Media Networks2.1B2.1118:0266.10%
6baidu.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Search Engines72.8M5.0720:0533.38%
7wikipedia.orgReference Materials > Dictionaries And Encyclopedias2.3B2.0910:5661.37%
8yandex.ruComputers Electronics And Technology > Search Engines592.5M2.4719:1857.09%
9yahoo.comNews And Media Publishers608.2M3.2119:2446.25%
10whatsapp.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Social Media Networks717.7M1.4715:1178.71%
13amazon.comEcommerce And Shopping > Marketplace967.6M4.8612:4245.25%
15live.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Email453.8M3.2210:0434.83%
16tiktok.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Social Media Networks1.5B1.8509:5066.47% Electronics And Technology > Telecommunications42.4M4.9614:4934.83% And Media Publishers189.1M5.4221:5335.59%
19linkedin.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Social Media Networks544.2M2.9014:2750.34%
20reddit.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Social Media Networks1.5B2.7016:5656.51%
21openai.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Computer Electronics And Technology456M3.0811:5236.33%
22office.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Programming And Developer Software269.2M1.8619:1361.78%
23netflix.comArt And Entertainment > Streaming And Online Tv423M2.2527:1056.89%
24dzen.ruCommunity And Society > Community And Society – Other165.2M2.5120:3752.15%
25bing.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Search Engines516.3M4.3013:2840.78%
26vk.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Social Media Networks676.4M4.0023:4354.92%
28microsoftonline.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Programming And Developer Software352.3M1.7604:0057.51%
29samsung.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Consumer Electronics341.1M2.3708:4564.62%
30mail.ruComputers Electronics And Technology > Email485.2M2.4219:3060.19%
31naver.comNews And Media Publishers106.8M5.3223:2340.18%
32turbopages.orgNews And Media Publishers81.6M1.5717:0969.58%
33weather.comScience And Education > Weather1.3B1.4907:4273.46%
34discover.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Social Media Networks25.5M4.1606:0337.72%
35twitch.tvGames > Video Games Consoles And Accessories374.7M2.0929:0461.08%
36pinterest.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Social Media Networks454.9M1.8212:5168.52%
37bilibili.comArts And Entertainment > Animation And Comics64.3M5.1132:1938.45%
38microsoft.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Programming And Developer Software643.2M1.7709:0266.04%
39zoom.usComputers Electronics And Technology > Computer Electronics And Technology345.2M2.1714:0653.03%
40duckduckgo.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Search Engines269.5M2.4220:4050.02%
42qq.comNews And Media Publishers60.6M2.7214:4855.90%
43quora.comReference Materials > Dictionaries And Encyclopedias713.3M  1.6712:3272.38%
44roblox.comGames > Video Games Consoles And Accessories152.3M6.8828:2631.95%
45msn.comNews And Media Publishers192M2.7918:3457.83%
46fandom.comArts And Entertainment > Arts And Entertainment – Others969M3.1312:5751.92%
47sharepoint.comComputers Electronics And Technology > Computer Electronics And Technology137.4M2,2717:1757.96%
48ebay.comEcommerce And Shopping > Marketplace287.8M6.0114:4841.48%
49aajtak.comNews And Media Publishers32.9K1.1434:0889.68%
50globo.comNews And Media Publishers101.2M2.5616:3747.49%

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