People Also Search For (PASF) – Definition, SEO Performance, And How It Works

Editor / June 6, 2023

Google has many other features and the different types of characteristics have different kinds of essence. In 2018, Google will discover a new feature that is called “People Also Search For”. The feature is only shown when you search for anything in Google and you see a different type of result page where every website puts their answers as usual.   

The feature usually appears when people click on a search result and come back immediately.

If you want to know how the feature works then you can search for food on Google.

When search engines show you many other results, click any result of your choice and come back immediately to this page, you will see a box that “people also search for”. 

In today’s article, we describe to you the definition of (PASF), its importance, how this works, google’s opinion about PASF, SEO performance, PASF keyword tools, and many more.

Stay with us for a better experience, FastLinky is here for you, we are trying our best so you can understand everything about this crucial feature.

The Definition Of “People Also Search For”

Among the many other search engine features, “people also search for” – this is important and beneficial for users who want a better experience with search engines. This feature usually appears when people search for something on Google and get a result page, when they reach a web page and turn back immediately, they see a box that is exactly “people also search for”. 

This is a robust SERP feature that helps users find the exact content that they want to get. It helps users get answers fast and reliably. 

People search for new content and they want to find something unique and relevant. PASF literally helps to generate their pieces of information and find the user’s needs. People complete some of their specific needs. It is a powerful search engine feature. When someone searches in Google for knowledge, Google’s search engine ranking page (SERP) shows them many results that are populated in SERP.

This SERP feature is basically a great tool for searching keywords.

if you are a search engine user, you may definitely see the people also search for.

suppose a person searches for “How to boost SEO performance with content writing?”

Here you can see a whole result that is shown by Google’s SERP, and with this they will also see the SEO-related information, by seeing the many other results, here people will find more pieces of information about this topic and it will be beneficial for them.

Difference Between People Also Search For (PASF) And People Also Ask (PAA)

You must know the difference between people also search for (PASF) and people also ask (PAA).

There are some connections between them, but they are not the same thing you may search for.

These are not just necessarily keywords, but some specific people can question this topic.

When people create content, they make sure that most of the users are looking for your content, this works for a web traffic booster. SEO professionals can also help you with this topic. the more your content will be relevant, the more you earn organic traffic, which helps you to grow customer relationships.

That is why Google creates this type of feature so that the users will be benefited from those types of keywords.

people also search for“- this is a dynamic feature that contains questions from the original search query. The actual intention of those features is to deliver the user’s needs.

On the other hand, people also ask (PAA) is a question-and-answer box to help users find the related search that they will need. The People Also Ask (PAA) also provides a better idea of other related questions that people ask on Google.

How Do “People Also Search For” (PASF) Work?

People also search for (PASF) which was typically powered by a Google-related search algorithm. People search for something, and PASF will appear here to get them a high boost of knowledge. Let’s take a look at how PASF work.

Here we describe some unique points that should help you to completely understand everything about how “people also search for” (PASF) work.

1. PASF looks like the major query to certify which queries are connected to it.

2. The PASF algorithm was examine the user’s device and then clarifies which queries are identical to the main query.

3. The PASF algorithm was examine the user’s location and then clarifies which queries are identical to the main query. 

4. The PASF algorithm was examine the user’s search history and then clarifies which queries are identical to the main query. 

5.  The PASF algorithm also examined the SERP content and then clarifies which queries are identical to the main query.

6. It is a useful and beneficial tool that can help to determine the user’s experience.

Is PASF Crucial For SEO Performance?

One of the major intents of “people also search for” (PASF) is to boost SEO performance. Look at the entire topic of how it is crucial for SEO performance. 

1. PASF Helps To Understand The User’s Intention

PASF- the Google feature is a perfect way to understand what is the user’s intention. When you can see the related queries that occur on the PASF, your mind has already an idea that what people are really finding to know something.

This can help to optimize your content marketing processes so that they can meet the requirements of your target audience.

2. PASF Helps You To Find New Keywords

PASF- the Google feature is a perfect way to find the unique keyword that is essential for SEO performance.

Click that searches option and you will see an entire SERP page on Google, then take a look at the SERP “people also search for” box and collect your queries. You can also use this as your keyword research. This SERP feature will help you to optimize your website as search intent.

4. PASF Helps You To Understand How People Are Searching For Your Products Or Services

“People also search for” keyword helps you to understand the user’s mind and which products and services are found by them. They initially try to divert your mind and you will definitely be diverted by them. Because they force you to click on their query where present your needs.

5. PASF Helps You To Understand What People Are Thinking About Your Label

If you’re examining what people are thinking about your brand or product, People Also Search For (PASF) is a great mode to do that.

For doing this you not spending too much time and effort, just enter your brand name into Google and see the related search queries that appear in the PASF box.

Tools For Finding The PASF Keyword

For any SEO strategy, there is a crucial part which is keyword research. The PASF keyword is a great way to grow your target customers.

Here we discuss some kinds of keyword tools where you can easily find the PASF keyword and enhance your SEO.

1. Google search console

2. Ahrefs

3. Moz

4. SEMrush

5. Ubersuggest

6. AnswerThePublic


8. Keywords Everywhere

9. Soovle

10. Serpstat

11. KWFinder

12. Google keyword planner

How To Use People Also Search For (PASF)?

Some beneficial ways that you should know how to use people also search for (PASF).

1. This SERP feature is used for keyword research

2. This feature is also used to find content ideas that you may benefit from because it helps to understand which content will be advantageous for your service

3. If you can improve your on-page SEO you should use the PASF

4. PASF is also used for the FAQ section

5. This SERP feature is also used for long-term content strategy.


People also search for – a valuable tool that is used in different ways to boost your brand. This SERP feature is not only improves your keyword research but also enhances your on-page SEO tool.

This article may understand everything about PASF, hope you feel better about your experience, stay with us. We FastLinky, still improve your vision. 

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