10 Ways To Optimize The Best SEO Strategy in 2023

Editor / March 28, 2023

Are you excited to create the best SEO strategy and get benefits from this?- here we write an article for you where you know some techniques for making the best SEO plan.

Typically SEO (search engine optimization) is the method of improving a website’s link-building strategy, content relevancy, and technical structure so that its page became popular. In one word, an SEO strategy has the power to enhance your website through search engines. We all know this more or less.

But actually, what we will know today is how you can create the best SEO plan for your website ranking. Be careful! It’s not bestsco, it’s the best SEO. many people confuse it. Here we describe all the details about how you create a successful SEO strategy for your niche website and how it works.

FastLinky always gives you genuine content on this topic which is trustworthy and beneficial. Let’s read and get the benefits. So why the delay? Let’s begin.

Why Is SEO Important?

Before learning how to create the best SEO strategy, you must know why SEO is important. SEO is a useful tool that works properly. It’s still important because it improves the visibility of your website and enhances search engine ranking.  

As an example, suppose you search for anything on Google, and Google shows you numerous results. But do you first click the 4th or 5th result? Surely no. you always choose the 1st or 2nd result that is shown on SERP. SEO is helping you to get top on the SERP. hope you understand the whole thing about why SEO is essential for your website.

Now let’s dive right into creating an actual SEO strategy.

Learn How To Create The Best SEO Strategy Step By Step

If you are a beginner and create a genuine SEO for your website, here you get some tips to grow your business and gain organic traffic.

1. Write Relevant And Genuine Content

The first thing you should know to make a complete SEO strategy is to write genuine and relevant content.

Content writing plays an important role in improving your SEO ranking. Quality relevant content is to drive your website’s traffic and boost your SEO performance. When you think of content writing, you might think of writing blog posts. You need to make sure that you are creating the report that your visitors need. Content comes in various forms such as blogs, videos, infographics, etc.

People are generally looking for knowledge through search engines. They always find those site that provides them a unique result and answers their questions. This is your chance to impress the minds of your audience. 

2. Structure The Content Well

This is not the ending of creating SEO, after creating content, you should decorate your writing as well as you do. The structure of the content can tell your audience how much time and effort you will give it. Structured content refers to the proper placement of a blog post’s title, and byline, utilizing the HTML headings, H1 to H6 titles as a point, publication date, snippet, and keyword tags.

Visitors like those websites that have a perfect structure. If you have a low or poor structure on your website, users will leave your website and may dislike it. So here you definitely focus your attention. 

3. Pick The Right Keyword

The keyword is the 2nd key playing a vital role to make the best SEO strategy. A keyword always suggests the main topic of your niche-relevant website. It also helps the audience who searching for the best unique ones as their wish. The more your keyword is relevant and unique the more your website is ranking to the whole audience when they search for it.

But make sure your keyword should be shorter, cause as the bigger your keyword, people struggle to find their searches, and it’s not good for ranking.

So let’s see where exactly you should put the keyword.

1. Meta description

2. Title tag

3. 1 per 100 words of content

4. Insert the keyword throughout the content

5. You also use the keyword in headings (H1, H2, H3…..)

6. Image alt tags

7. In the URL, etc.

Still, if there is any problem with keywords then use the SEO services Goosuggest, it is an SEO tool for those who didn’t know about the basic of SEO. It provides Keywords in the Title, Keywords Recommendation, Keywords Problem, Keywords in the Description, Keywords in URLs, Keywords in Headings, Keywords Around, Google Suggest, and many more.

4. Gain Backlinks

Backlinks are another vital implement to improve your website’s SEO performance. Backlinks are generally those links your business gets from other websites. When you write and publish valuable content and credible websites that want to link to that content, Google will trust your website as genuine and valuable. As your website looks credible to Google’s eye, your niche-relevant website reaches a better performance of SEO. And this is enough to rank your website.

5. Optimize Your Image

Optimizing an image can be a great way to boost your SEO performance and get more traffic to your website. Did not understand? We say- the images help your website as visual for readers. An image can also help visitors to understand your content topic.     

You must have seen the target images arising above the search results. It’s a great way to get more traffic to your website. The website image size can play a big role to create the best SEO strategy. Make sure your images are appropriately optimized. 

6. Get An SEO Expert

In creating the SEO strategy, there is one more vital point is to get high-quality SEO experts. Because an SEO expert will identify the techniques and strategies to enhance the traffic to your website. It gets you a higher ranking in SERP.

7. Update The Page And Content Every Day

Outdated data can harm your SEO audit. You will definitely update your content daily. Because trends are changing repeatedly. If you do not update your content, you should be penalized for your website by search ranking. Check that all optimized are properly placed and you will get the best SEO strategy.

8. Use Alt Tags

Using alt tags always represents your image and video on your website. They allow Google to locate your page, which is very important.

The main purposes of the alt tags are to describe what the image is trying to say to the person viewing the page. Also, users may not be able to get a full view of the image. So need alt tags to notify them what the image’s intention is.

9. Improve Your Page Speed

Page speed is another crucial implement to get a high-quality SEO strategy. If your page takes so much time to load, it breaks the user’s intention. So make sure to improve your page’s speed, it also helps you to generate more traffic. The more your page’s speed s high, the more traffic your website will earn.

10. Promote New Content Daily

Try to promote new and original content daily. Because all the content on your page will rank if you put in the effort. The more content you have on your website, the more visible results you will see on your website. But make sure the content is not fake or low quality.

As an example, at Fastlinky, we have much more content through services or blog posts like link party, SEO for family law, etc. we promote genuine content every day to our readers.


Here we try to put all the pieces of information about building the best SEO strategy step-by-step. Hope you clearly understand our points. Follow our tips and make a genuine SEO strategy. If those small tips help to create a successful SEO plan, definitely tell us about your experience. We will wait for your feedback.  

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