A Comprehensive Guide To Using Infographic Links For Link Building Approaches

Editor / July 19, 2023

Link-building approaches are one of the best strategies to make relationships with other blogger websites and also a credible way to increase traffic. In the SEO world, we stay with our link-building approaches that are really trying to build a win-win situation for you. A link-building method will dedicate you to a high-quality niche-relevant website where you can earn a lot of reputation and huge organic traffic.

Today, we discuss with you a whole discussion about the infographic links. Basically, infographic links will be proven to be a magnet for high authority backlink services.

If done it correctly, infographic link building will be a great approach to drive referral traffic to your website, improve brand awareness, and also gain search engine ranking performance.

Although creating infographic links will be not so easy process. The steps that apply to this method are not as effortless as you may think. You may also think that you will face so much bother with creating this link-building process, so we need to say, absolutely not! If done it correctly, you will earn an applicable result in your niche. 

We FastLinky here provides you with genuine pieces of information that are valuable for you. You can understand the entire point of the infographics link building method. Let’s know in detail the advantages, disadvantages, types, and also the Process Of Building Links With Infographics.

Definition Of Infographic Link Building

Generally, links allow websites genuinely rank at the top instead of other services. Infographic links are a variety of content that exhibits data in a visual structure.

The Infographic link building is a graphical model of data so that it can be read and comprehended efficiently. In one word, building an infographic is a way of creating an infographic and using it to attract more backlinks back to your relevant website.

The infographic links will use by SEO professionals and marketers also so that they utilize it as a part of their link-building campaign. It is a huge visual element that represents data, statistics, and also other pieces of information in an effective way. This is a popular link-building tactic for many businesses that are attempting to grow on the online web. 

Advantages Of Using The Infographic Link Building

Using infographics for link-building campaigns is one of the best methods to create high-quality backlinks. Learn about the benefits of using an infographic link building approach.

1. Improve SEO Ranking Performance:

According to Google, Infographic link building is one of the greatest methods to demonstrate that you are a trusted website and provide genuine pieces of information to your clients and helps them to pitch. This strategy contains a lot of improving opportunities for your search engine ranking performance.

2. Boost Organic Traffic:

As we discuss, the infographic links will improve your website ranking performance. This type of link contains so many social shares, it will be a great approach for expanding organic traffic. This strategy makes your website as faster as you may think.                                                                          

3. Increase Brand Awareness:

The infographic also helps your brand to present the viewers, as they see your website as trustworthy and reliable. This causes people more possibly trust and engage with your brand.

4. A Great Example Of Engage The Visitors:

The infographic links are a great example of engaging visitors also. The more you have backlinks on your website, the more you will gain organic traffic. Most of the link-building strategies will try to get many clients on their site through link-building approaches. This link-building strategy will engage the visitors efficiently.    

5. Helps To Provide Your Website Massage:

As the infographic links are more shareable, this link building method will be a great social media influencer. The more they shared, the more your brand massaging process will be increased.

6. Cost-Effective Solution:

Usually, link building is much more costly, especially, when you want to link to. But building infographic is more affordable to create. Here also you get the return on investment (ROI) opportunity. But you get the ROI when it can be interpretative if there results in brand awareness, and traffic, and also if there has been a better status in search engine ranking

Disadvantages Of Using The Infographic Link Building

A thing has normally two sides, right and wrong. Although, using infographics for link-building campaigns is a great strategy to build a strong place in the world link-building campaign but there are also some drawbacks present as usual.  


The Infographic link building is the best practice ever but with time for client edits and feedback, there has been so much time to effort. It typically takes three or four weeks to produce an infographic end-to-end. It is such an awful issue.  

Take So Much Effort To Edit And Update:

Most people like to earn an effortless but effective strategy but this procedure will take so much effort to edit and update. But this is not as difficult as think, but also not as casual as also think. 

Difficult To Express Clearly

Because there is no adequate area for expressing the information, it is hard to communicate the whole thing evidently.

Not So SEO Friendly

Need to keep in mind, that sometimes it is tough for search engines to see infographic links if it is not indexed.

Types Of Infographic Link Building

There are different types of infographics that should be discussed after making your own infographic link building approaches. Those are –

1. Timeline Infographics:

Generally, timeline infographics describe the growth of some historical occurrence or a company’s development. This infographic link building approach shows a series of landmarks, accomplishments, or occurrences.

2. Statistical Infographics:

Statistical infographics are basically used to describe data and statistics. It is full of increasing your prevailing content. This includes graphs, some types of visual data, charts, etc.    

3. Comparison Infographics:

As the name suggests, comparison infographics are used to compare one thing to another one. Comparison infographics are basically comparisons to the services, advantages and disadvantages, prices, trends, etc.

This type of infographic will help the reader to understand the difference between what is compared and which thing will be compared.   

4. Process Infographics:

This type of infographic links will be a great system that is a specific type of infographic created to envision, outline and facilitate procedures. The process infographics typically included such as customer journey maps, product guides, recipes, marketing strategies, etc.

5. Geographic Infographics:

Basically, geographic infographics depict geographic information to emphasise detailed designs or elements in a place. Usually, geographic infographics utilise map charts as focus visuals.   

6. Hierarchical Infographics:

A hierarchical infographic is a technique in which people or items are placed to their preference. Another name for hierarchical infographics is “hierarchy infographics”.

7. List Infographics:

The last one is list infographics. This is the last type of infographic link building. This infographic is a great method for a list format that completes the data easier to track and analyse. 

Process Of Building Links With Infographics

If you really want to share your infographic and try to use it to build links for your SEO method, some rules you will be must follow to create a genuine strategy.

1. Analyze Your Topic:

Starting with excellent content is a superb strategy to build infographic links.

An infographic link building strategy will fully depend on providing the readers with genuine, reliable, relevant, useful, and inspiring pieces of information. If there is no other genuine information, it is full of bother to thinking how to make it genuine for readers.

If you raise your probability of getting exciting bloggers and new platforms, you will make sure that your content should be relevant and appropriate for the readers and this is does not provide any bother and also never seen before.

How to make genuine content? Do not worry about this. We provide you with a complete blog report that really boosts your compelling thinking of how to create genuine content.

If you are a digital marketer, and also interested in analysing trending issues, you may access social media shares like Facebook and Twitter which are explored and envisioned by using infographic links.

The most crucial thing is to assure that you are constructing a data visualisation that declares and satisfies. 

2. Identify Your Audience:

After analysing your topic, now you would come to specify your audience.

You may have a few diverse audiences.

If you’re constructing a link building infographic, you will like to select a highly-distinctive element of your audience that is sharing your content.

It’s really important to understand who your data is particularly targeting so you know what should be the technique and theme of your content.

You have to make sure that your infographic links should assume your whole audience and preserve a basic type of design they like to see.       

3. Complete A Exciting History:

After compiling your analysis and choosing the exact audience for your infographics link building, it’s time for creating an exciting history that has the power of engaging your readers from the beginning to the finishing point.

You will organise your pieces of information in an order that makes sense and determine your beginning point as well as your conclusion would be.

When you have to make sure that you will be provided with genuine information that is reliable for your readers and that is an enjoyable and delightful journey for them, they absolutely like your content strategy and make sense it is valuable for them. 

There are various kinds of infographics links are current to choose from. If you like to introduce your details in a timeline, just make a chart to show your reader from beginning to end or collect different charts to visualize all your pieces of information and statistics.

4. Make A Wireframe:

Before creating your infographic links designs, think about completing an infographic wireframe. Before you begin your design this method really helps you with understanding where to put each piece of information. This will assist you to see some infographic link building technique motivation.

Planning with a route map will preserve you more time and effort because you’ll know exactly what to do when you start preparing.

5. Develop Your Infographic:

Finally, design your infographic links. Maybe it seems to be a long process, but there are some kinds of efforts to consider that. An infographic is not so different process, this method just requires goals and objectives, a strong topic, a strong outline, a target audience, and some specific things that are essential to creating a content strategy.

Once you complete your infographic link building strategy, you have to be sure to regard associates and bring a look to confirm there is no annoyance of using it and that all of your data is valid. 

Final Thought:

Infographic links are an outstanding mode to bring your link-building campaigns from middle to superior.

Other websites will cheerfully give you a backlink if your content is socially shareable. This is why it is necessary that your infographic links should high quality.

We FastLinky, present here to share some reasonable ways how to process building links by using infographics. Hope our entire blog will be beneficial for understanding the whole process of the infographic link building approaches.  

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