The Entire Guide On How To Index Backlinks Manually

Editor / June 9, 2023

Backlinks are genuinely increasing your website’s SEO and help to earn organic traffic in your niche site. According to a niche-relevant website, backlinks usually play a vital role that is crucial to enhance a website.

But wait! The backlinks should be relevant and appropriate. Because if those backlinks are not indexed by Google, there is nothing worst than that. Make sure that your backlinks are properly indexed by search engines. If Google index a backlink, it will be a great way to high boost your niche website.

If you are glad to index your backlinks, you may think that how to successfully index them and boost SEO performance.

Don’t look further anywhere, here you get a complete guide to how to index your backlink manually without any bother. We FastLinky us here for you to understand what is needed to index a high-quality backlink forever.

Here we try to boost your ambition with our entire guide.

you might be thinking why index backlinks are so important for SEO, we say that having indexing backlinks helps you in all situations by increasing your performance in the online world and you will be top of the search engine ranking page (SERP).

Here we discuss how you can successfully index backlinks with the help of the Google search console SEO tool. By the way, here we provide a detailed discussion about index backlinks.

Definition Of Index Backlink

As we discussed first, backlinks truthfully help to raise your website’s SEO and help to earn organic traffic in your niche website. Backlinks usually play a crucial role that is required to enhance a website.

But the backlinks should be relevant. When a relevant backlink is crawled by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, it is already proven as indexed, and that is called index backlinks.

When Google crawls a website’s backlinks, these backlinks are already proven trustworthy and indexing. This is an excellent aspect that properly increases your site’s SEO rating. It works when someone searches for something, on your website if there are index backlinks, the site will appear on the list of search engine ranking pages.

Benefits Of Index Backlinks

As you see, why index backlinks are so important for your website’s better performance, now you might be thinking of the benefits of an index backlink.

Here we create a detailed discussion of backlinks indexing advantages.

1. Search engine such as Google usually crawls a website of its backlink performance. Manually backlink indexing can help you improve your website’s SEO performance.

2. If you indexed backlinks, you can prioritize high-quality relevant backlinks that are coming from an authoritative niche website. That is an awesome factor to improve your relationships with other website owners.

3. A black-hat SEO is a harmful factor that has the potential to sink your website’s reputation. By indexing your backlinks you can save yourself and your website from a harmful website with black hat SEO.

4. Backlink indexing can drive more organic traffic to your niche-relevant website and improve your website’s online visibility in search engine ranking pages (SERP).

5. By observing your backlink index, you can estimate the usefulness of your backlinking measures and modify your strategy consequently.

But here are some implications of getting the benefits of index backlinks. Occasionally, backlinks are not indexed because they were obtained from a harmful link-building service. To avoid this type of trouble, use a relevant link-building service whenever you buy backlinks.

Successfully Index Backlinks Using The Google Search Console

Don’t be loose at you, if you do have not the index backlinks. By following our step-by-step guide, you can easily index your backlinks with the Google search console. Just bring your attention here.

Step 1:  Set The Google Search Console

If you do not set up with the Google Search Console, do this right now. Let’s see how to set up this exciting tool.

  • Setting up with your Google search console, first, get into the search console homepage and then press “start now”, thereafter enter your niche website’s URL link and click “add property”.
  • To confirm the ownership of your site, you have the option to select the verification procedure. To be continuing, write the code in your website’s HTML, when the code is added, click on the “verify” option, and it will be set totally.
  • You will see much of the information here, such as crawl errors, search analytics, etc.
  • Now set up your email alerts, so that you declare any vital issues in your website.

Step 2: Place Your Backlinks

Identify your backlinks, because it is a crucial step to manually indexed your backlinks. You can see it with Google Search Console. This SEO tool helps you to examine between the indexed and not indexed backlinks. It will help you to determine which backlink should need to be indexed and which is not.

  • There are different types of backlink analysis tools available in the online store, including Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, etc. These SEO tools help you to determine which website is relevant for you and which is deliver you a high-quality relevant backlink.
  • Check the referral traffic section to see which websites are genuinely sending organic traffic to your website. You can check your social media accounts to review if there have any referral traffic also because social media is also playing a vital role to earn organic traffic also.

Step 3: Submit The Backlink URLs For Indexing

Google search console has a total of three procedures to manually index backlinks. Follow these steps.

  • First, go to the webpage of Google’s Webmaster Tool. Then search for Google Search Console and visit their web page.
  • Here you will visit a search area on the main page, then copy and paste the URL with backlinks.
  • Decode the ReCaptcha code and then click on the “Request Submit” button.

Now, you will manually request Google to index backlinks on your website. 

Step 4: Ping The URLs For Indexing

After all the procedures are done, if you see the Google search console is not working, and it did not index your backlinks properly, you should need to ping the URLs for indexing.

It’s all about updating your webpage. When you ask Google to update your webpage, then Google will check your webpage and if there has been seems everything is alright, google will fast index your webpages. There are numerous types of ping tools available on the web.

Step 5: Publish The URLs On Any Social Media Platform

There are different types of social media platforms on the online web. Publish to any social media platforms and see the result. The more you share, the more organic traffic you will gain from this.

Step 6: Using The Web 2.0 Platform

Write a genuine and unique article and share it through the 2.0 platform. Put your index backlinks here and just share them manually. You can ass 8-10 backlinks within 1000 words in an article.

How To Review If Backlinks Are Indexed?

Now your mind may have a confusion how to check if backlinks are indexed properly. We have the explanation. Let’s see. 

There have multiple ways to determine if your backlinks are indexed or not. There are some websites and web-based applications available on the web that will help you to see if your backlinks are indexed or not and if there are any critical issues behind them. 

But if you check the website you may apply the pay method. But there has also some free websites also.

By the way, if you really want to index backlinks for your website, you should be paid, that doesn’t matter. You need your ambition, so you will pay.


This is a critical issue for all websites to index backlinks. Here we have some detailed discussions in our entire blog about index backlinks. Hope you understood it adequately. Share it with those who really need this entire guide. We FastLinky, still try to get rid of you with this type of critical issue.

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