Top 10+ Companies Hiring Freelance Content Writing Jobs (2024 Guide)

Editor / May 10, 2024

There are many opportunities open in numerous industries. You can secure fulfilling Freelance content writing jobs that describe your abilities and knowledge through skill development, networking, and continued job searching.

Many people who want calm and creative freedom, usually choose to work as freelance content writers. Many companies are looking for talented writers to create engaging, meaningful and educational content for their websites, blogs, and social media platforms because of the growth of digital marketing and online content development.

Fastlinky, a digital marketing campaign will describe what freelance content writing is and why it’s becoming a popular career option. Also, represent some top companies that hire freelance content writers. Enter the topic right now!

Freelance Content Writing Jobs (2024 Guidance)

Freelance content writing jobs means writing engaging, and informative content for various clients on a contract base. This can include blog posts, articles, website copy, social media content, and more.

Freelance content writing offers numerous benefits, including flexibility, freedom, and the opportunity to work with many clients in different industries. It allows writers to follow their passions, express their talents, and potentially earn a satisfying income from anywhere in the world.

4 Qualities Required For Freelance Content Writing

1. Writing Skills

The core point of freelance content writing is a high ability to write effective, informative, and error-free content that catches the audience’s eye. If want to succeed in this field, you need to have strong grammar, punctuation, and better writing skills which are most needed.

2. SEO Knowledge

Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) rules is another crucial aspect of Freelance content writing jobs. It helps to ensure that their content ranks well on search engine results pages (SERPs). What are some essential parts of SEO knowledge? This includes keyword research, optimizing meta tags, and creating content that follows search engine (Google) algorithms.

3 Research Skills

Want to become a Freelance content writer – it requires researching various topics to make real and informative content. This may include gathering information from trustworthy sources, interviewing with blogging experts, and getting elaborate details into various content.

4. Time Management

With good writing skills, people who want to be an engaging content writer need a complete sense of time management. When content is created, it shouldn’t take a whole day, it should be in just a few hours, but informative and creative results should come out.

Top 10+ Companies That Hire Freelance Content Writing Jobs

We are exploring some top companies that hire freelance content writing jobs worldwide. Can we grab your attention, please?

1. Freedom With Writing

Freedomwithwriting is a freelance writing job website, founded in 2011. This company usually connects freelance writers with editors and publishers who want to work as a freelance content writer. Their actual goal is to make it easy to get paid as a professional freelance writer. Here you can get everything free and work delivered through email. You can view their privacy policy, and contact them easily. So don’t be late! To get started, simply enter your email address in the form on their official page.

Address – 326 Bond St, Brooklyn NY 11231, USA

Contact Number – 347-788-1044

Email[email protected]

Social Media AccountsFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

2. Leelija Web Solution

Leelija Web Solution Pvt Ltd, a software company, was founded in 2019. It is one of the greatest marketplaces in this country which achieve their businesses in just a few years. With an aim to grow people in this digital landscape, they also look for the quality of services provided. Their content marketing knowledge is just a pure concept. This company will find a real professional freelancer content writer soon. So why should delay? Let’s contact them now!

Address – Taki Rd, Barasat, West Bengal 700125, India

Contact Number – +91 874224523

Email[email protected]

Social Media AccountsFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest

3. BloggingPro

BloggingPro is another freelance content writing jobs that usually hire professional content writers who are experts in this field. Since 2006, they posted opportunities like copywriter, content writer, freelance wordpress writer, cybersecurity writer, fast energetic writer, experienced content writer, experienced editor, health and fitness blog writer, etc.

Industries like freelance companies can also post jobs on their official website. Bloggingpro is updated daily with fresh paid blogging jobs, and freelance content writing jobs. They have a beneficial opportunity to provide viewers, whether you find work-from-home jobs, or looking for freelance full-time, or part-time, you need to contact them immediately. Now, get to their official website and make your needs fulfilled here!

Address – Vertigo Studio SA, 20 Povernei Street, 010641 Bucharest, Romania

Email[email protected]

Social Media AccountsFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram

4. All Freelance Writing

All Freelance Writing, a freelancer company where people used to navigate their journey of content writing and get a perfect job for their needs. Their total 4 guidelines won the user’s soul – learn, listen, build and connect. With 14+ years of experience, this company usually provides freelance content writing jobs guidance for all job seekers. If you want an ideal, stress-free freelance writing job, you must connect with Allfreelancewriting. Join today, and take advantage.

Address – PO Box 390, Oley, Pennsylvania

Email[email protected]

Social Media AccountsTwitter, LinkedIn

5. 24 Seven Talent

24 Seven Talent collaborates with businesses to complete marketing, creative, and digital projects by supplying the necessary people, ideas, and knowledge. This company founded in 2000, offers a variety of opportunities for users and the marketplace. Their specialities are basically in marketing, creativity, technology and data sharing. Recently, they usually found associate copywriters, and junior copywriters in this marketplace, if anyone is interested, contact them immediately.

Address – 2 Stephen Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1AN

Contact Number – (212) 966-4426

Email [email protected]

Social Media AccountsFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube

6. BuzzFeed

Growing as a famous leading and independent digital media company, BuzzFeed has become a beacon internationally. This innovative creation specializes in shareable content like original videos, breaking news, and social media entertainment. Buzzfeed recently announced about streaming writer and front page editor. Don’t be late, hurry up and join their community today!

Address – BuzzFeed, Inc. 229 W. 43rd Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10036

Contact Number – (212) 431-7464

Email [email protected]

Social Media AccountsFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube

7. Codeless

Codeless! A business-to-business content company, founded in 2014. “Their one guideline – we help a brand become the brand”. Based on length and frequency, the company offers advertisers contract-free content, with a focus on lead magnets and long-form, data-driven articles. If want a real-time data-driven company that benefits you, you need to get into this company.

Address – 9233 Park Meadows Drive, Ste 108, Lone Tree, CO 80124, United States

Contact Number – (714) 937-2099

Email[email protected]

Social Media Accounts – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest

8. Study is another type of software-based company that usually helps to provide a basic idea of a finance company where users navigate their needs. offers tuition-free higher education to the community to lessen the financial responsibility of attending a regular college. This company is the go-to resource for over a million students seeking affordable, motivational, and stunning video and audio courses from more than 200 professors covering a variety of topics. Their recent need for copywriters and article outline writers. If you are a student and seeking freelance content writing jobs, then you are in the right place. Hurry up!

Address – Mountain View, California, United States

Contact Number – (877) 266-4919

Email[email protected]

Social Media AccountsFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube

9. BKA Content

BKA Content is a type of company that specializes in Writing, editing, and content production. Other areas of expertise include rewrites, landing pages, product descriptions, press releases, SEO articles, order templates, content curation, branding, blogs, and service management. With over 15 years of industry experience, this company can beat all the SEO experts and provides real-time access worldwide. Connect them to their contact details below and get in touch with them. In recent news, they offer opportunities for SEO writers (basic) and custom blog writers. Take them into your track.

Address – 2036 Lincoln Ave. Ste 202, Ogden, Utah 84401, US

Contact Number –  (801) 432-2956

Email[email protected]

Social Media AccountsFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube

10. Indeed

One of the biggest job search engines in the world is It links job postings from many sources, such as staffing companies, job boards, company career pages, and more. They offer a wide platform for job searchers with their freelance article writing opportunities. Here, users can look for jobs according to criteria like industry, job title, location, and other details. Employers can use this tool to manage candidate applications and create job advertisements. It’s a popular tool for both job seekers and employers because of its vast reach and user-friendly interface. If want to work in a perfect freelance company with satisfying, you must check this profile, you may get your requirements. Hurry up and share with your friends who actually need this.

Headquarters – 200 W 6th St Fl 36, Austin, Texas, 78701, United States


Contact Number – (800) 462-5842

Social Media AccountsFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube

11. Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can find independent contractors providing a range of skills, including writing, digital marketing, graphic design, and programming. Users can look through listings, get in touch with sellers, and use them for different kinds of work. It’s a well-liked website for companies looking for outside help as well as independent contractors looking for work.

Address – 8 Eliezer Kaplan St Tel Aviv 6473409, Israel.

Contact Numbers – +1 800 736 3001 (US) and +1 781 575 3100 (International)

Email[email protected]

Social Media AccountsFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube.


Launching a career as a freelance content writer can be a rewarding journey for people who have a passion for writing. By filing writing skills, building a strong portfolio, and mastering the art of client communication, it can be easy to successfully navigate the competitive world of Freelance content writing jobs and build a successful career. Getting this type of informative blog, you may follow us and visit our official website’s blog page, we help viewers as much as we do.


How Do I Get Started As A Freelance Content Writer?

To get started as a freelance content writer, focus on your writing skills, build a perfect writing sample, and research freelance platforms and job boards for opportunities.

How Can I Showcase My Talent As A Freelance Content Writer?

You can show your talent by creating a professional website, publishing blog posts or articles in your niche, and engaging with potential clients on social media.

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