25+ Free Webistes Where I Can Post URL Links

Editor / November 29, 2023

There are many free webistes where i can post url links in an effective way. Honestly, optimizing a piece of content is as good as challenging, in fact, it is complicated. These days, there are frequent situations happening that frustrate people as spending so many hours and giving so much effort to create content for hoping for much traffic to earn, but it all seems pointless. 

But! Give your eyesight here, numerous websites where you can post URL links for free are available in our guide. These sites not only help to get organic traffic to your website but also make sure that your content will be SEO optimized and generate more backlinks. You can’t go in in-depth. Here are some best examples to reduce your problems:   

Your own website:

Your personal website or blog is among the greatest places to include affiliate links. It is a terrific idea to provide a variety of material, such as blog articles, product reviews, and videos, to advertise affiliate links. Don’t forget to highlight the advantages of the products you sell, namely how they can assist your target in resolving issues or achieving their objectives. Now is the ideal moment to launch your blog if you don’t already have one.

Additionally, you may share all the tools and services you frequently use by creating a resource page. You are able to provide an affiliate link for each reference.

Social Media Platforms:


Facebook, is a popular social media platform that has massive social networking improvements that are growing rapidly day by day. It is a completely free platform that gives people more enjoyable moments to share links with each other. This amazing platform has a new feature that contacts people organically and shares links on your profile, pages, or groups. There are many publishers available in the store who are sharing various content materials and also improving them with affiliate links. According to the most recent data provided by Meta, there are 3.05 billion people using Facebook globally as of 2023.


Twitter is another social media networking site to reach people easily and get them more easily. There are many websites available in the online store that are free webistes where i can post url links, Twitter is one of them. It is a platform that shares mostly trending news and all types of content. Doing Tweeting properly, not only helps to link with other sites but also can improve your followers as people love to see your content. In addition to being useful for your job, using Twitter is also entertaining.    


There is another big social media free platform named, Instagram, with over 2 billion users according to 2022. Basically, it still acts for sharing viral trends and activities. It allows you to add links to your bio, post, advertisements, Stories and more (for verified accounts or with over 10k followers).


For sharing and posting material to a business-to-business (B2B) audience, LinkedIn has long been the greatest platform where you can share links in your profile, posts, or articles. Its audience increases its chances of receiving links from those who are looking for information on your topic. It is one of the greatest platforms for building niche authority and sharing affiliate links. It has more than 200 countries with over 950 million users worldwide.  


Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms that is commonly used worldwide. People usually pin content or posts that are liked by them. Pinterest is also known for an excellent image SEO tool. According to 2023, there are 450 million monthly active users on Pinterest. Using an affiliate link, you can drive visitors to your blog article or share a link to the affiliate offer.


Reddit is a massive online platform and completely free webistes where i can post url links, where users can engage in discussions, share content, and participate based on various topics. It’s like a collection of forums covering virtually any interest you can imagine, from niche pursuits to global news. Users can submit text posts, links, images, and videos, and then the community can upvote or downvote these contributions, affecting their visibility. It’s a bustling hub where people can ask questions, share stories, find advice, or simply explore diverse views on just about anything. There are more than 430 million active users on Reddit.

Content Sharing Platforms:


Medium is an online platform that allows writers to share their thoughts, articles or stories with affiliate links and expertise on various topics. It’s a space where individuals can easily broadcast articles, essays, or opinion pieces on subjects they are eager about. Additionally, it operates on a subscription-based total version, offering admission to a wider variety of articles beyond the free content. Overall, Medium serves as a platform for writers to reach an audience and for readers to discover numerous articles and attitudes. According to 2023, there are over a hundred million customers live on Medium each month.


Quora is a super questions-and-answers (FAQs) platform wherein customers can ask questions about numerous topics and receive answers from the community. It covers a huge variety of topics, from generation and science to personal experiences and recommendations. Users also can solve questions, and engage in discussions. It’s a platform that pursuits to attach people in search of facts with the ones inclined to share their expertise or studies in a collaborative and informative environment. If you have a reasonable solution to a query, you could hyperlink to it. It carries over 300 million energetic users globally.


HubPages is another form of useful social media platform that allows write articles and include links inside your content. It gives a consumer-friendly interface in which writers can publish articles, blog posts, or courses and earn sales via advertisements, affiliate advertising, and other monetization strategies. The platform now not handiest provides an area for writers to share their expertise but also offers chances to generate profits via their content material.


Steemit is a blockchain-based social media platform that rewards users for creating content,  where users can publish articles, blog posts with links and other content similar to traditional social media platforms. Steemit’s model aims to incentivize quality content creation and engagement within its community.


SlideShare is a platform designed for sharing presentations and slideshows online. It allows users to upload PowerPoint, PDF, and Document presentations, and make them available to a wide audience. Users can research and view exhibits on various topics, ranging from educational content to business insights and creative designs. It’s commonly used for professional purposes, such as sharing industry knowledge, presenting research findings, or delivering educational materials. There are over 70 million visitors in SlideShare. 

Bookmarking and Sharing Platforms:


Pocket is any other helpful social media bookmarking web page that enables you to keep and share links with your audience. It allows customers to preserve articles, videos, web pages, and other online content to view later. Once stored in a Pocket, the content is obtainable across distinct gadgets, so that you can examine or watch it offline at your comfort. Pocket also suggests associated content material based totally on your plays and what you’ve stored, making it a helpful tool for discovering new material aligned with your preferences.


Flipboard is a personalized information curation platform and social bookmarking website that compiles news, articles, photos, and videos from different sources according to the interests of its users. Flipboard users may also share content with others, bookmark stories for later reading, and find fresh information on subjects that interest them. It seeks to give consumers a simple, visually appealing way to keep up with their hobbies and news on a single, central platform.

Mix (StumbleUpon):

Mix, formerly known as StumbleUpon, is a social networking platform for content discovery that assists customers in coming across relevant and attractive facts on the net primarily based on their private tastes. After users imply their interests, Mix will advocate books, movies, articles, and other content from a variety of resources. With the help of Mix, users might be capable of exploring a much wider range of topics, locating hidden treasures, and expanding their online horizons past what they might usually come across.


Diigo is a social bookmarking tool that allows users to save, and organize web pages. It combines bookmarking, and highlighting features, enabling users to store links to web pages they find more useful. Users can save web pages to their Diigo library, add tags to categorize them, and access their saved content from any device connected to the internet. Diigo’s collaborative features also allow users to share bookmarks with an exact group or publicly, promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration among users with similar interests.


There is another free webistes where i can post url links more effectively named, LinkaGogo. It is a social media bookmarking site that offers users better customization and helps them set up their bookmarks. It provides users with another type of opportunity, it develops a reminder to visit those websites that post content each day. It includes features that more efficiently organise web links.  


Crazybacklink is a free webistes where i can post url links to help individuals find those websites that they are interested in. It is a free-to-use and easy-to-use platform and gives opportunities like making an exciting bookmark list and helpful for user intent. Crazybacklink not only shares more useful and valuable strategies but also gives relevance to users.


MozyLink is another social bookmarking site that is a fully simple-to-use platform and gives opportunities like high quality backlinks, and sharing free content for following some basic classifications. Use MozylLink is a type of form that helps you to track your intent fort customize the content. Many social media users believe this platform not only helps to generate links but also has an opportunity to increase the level of sharing methods.     

Community and Forum Sites:

Stack Exchange:

Stack Exchange, Is a network of question-and-answer websites covering a wide range of topics that contribute valuable answers and include links if necessary. Each site is dedicated to a specific subject, such as programming, mathematics, photography, cooking, and more. Users can ask questions, provide answers, and vote on the best responses. The platform is designed to create a repository of high-quality, community-driven content.

Warrior Forum:

Engage in discussions and post links in your signature on the Warrior Forum, an online community primarily dedicated to internet marketing, entrepreneurship, and online income generation. Affiliate marketing, product development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), email marketing, social media marketing, and other relevant subjects are covered in the forum. In addition to sharing experiences and sometimes making product or service offers to other users, users can participate in discussions and ask questions.

Digital Point Forum:

Similar to the Warrior Forum, the Digital Point Forum is an online community where members may engage in discussions and exchange links. It concentrates on topics like web development, SEO, digital marketing, and online business. On this platform, users can converse, exchange ideas, ask questions, and seek guidance on a variety of subjects, including social media marketing, affiliate marketing, website monetization, and content production.

V7N Forum:

Web development, internet marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), online business, and technology are the main topics of discussion in the V7N Forum, an online community where members participate in conversations and exchange links within pertinent threads. Users on this network, which includes webmasters, marketers, developers, and entrepreneurs, converse, exchange ideas, and seek guidance on a range of digital-related subjects. The community’s objectives are to support education, connections, and cooperation among those with an interest in online entrepreneurship, website maintenance, and digital marketing.

Content Aggregation and Sharing Sites:


Another well-known bookmarking service that lets users personalize their news stream is Digg which submits and shares interesting links. Users have the option to browse different bookmark items for later. To make it simpler for users to discover more stuff that interests them, they can also curate the content they come across.


Another specialized bookmarking site that focuses on technology is called Slashdot, a free webistes where i can post url links which help to submit technology-related news and share links. Content about computers, hardware, software, security, video games, and other topics can be submitted by users who have accounts. According to the newsletter, there are more than 8.62 million users on Slashdot.

Product Hunt:

Product Hunt is an online platform that showcases new products, apps, websites, and tech creations to a community of users who share links to new products and tools. It’s a place where makers and developers launch and promote their products, and where users discover, discuss, and give feedback on these new offerings.


Triberr used to be a platform that facilitated content sharing and networking among bloggers and influencers. Members of a tribe could share each other’s content across social media platforms, boosting visibility and engagement. It not only increases your traffic but also helps to locate unique influencers and bloggers.

Niche and Specialized Platforms:


DeviantArt is an online gallery in which artists can also share their inventive creations, interact with other creators, and show off their work. Send links to the artwork to a large target market. It capabilities a big series of paintings in lots of bureaucracy, such as images, literature, traditional artwork, virtual art, and more. Users can install profiles to proportion their paintings, comply with other artists, publish feedback, and participate in debates approximately exceptional mediums and strategies.


Consider Dribble to be a social bookmarking platform specifically for graphic designers and helpful for sharing design work with links to your portfolio. It is one of the greatest websites to obtain backlinks and shares for your work if you produce high-quality visual content or if your company is in the creative industry.


The main purposes of the web platform GitHub are version control and teamwork in software development projects. It acts as a hosting service for Git repositories, enabling developers to collaborate on projects, track changes, and store and manage their code.


When sharing your links, keep in mind the policies and procedures of each site to make sure your information isn’t flagged as spam. Optimizing your strategy for the user base on each platform can help you get the most out of link sharing.

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