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Editor / May 6, 2024

Cannabis is such a business that has re-owned the world of businesses with so much popularity and profitably. If you want to choose the cannabis industry as a trustworthy business, you also need to be reliable on social media. The cannabis industry has developed over some years. Yes! But cannabis was even originally illegal in some countries, but some nations already legalizing its use, such as the United States and Canada.

Our FastLinky team provide a structure of everything about the cannabis business social network. Here you will find the top 10 best platforms that will gain fame because of their successful online cannabis business. Let’s take a deep dive into the entire world of cannabis business social web.

Understanding Cannabis Business Social Network

The platform for cannabis entrepreneurs to connect with clients, as well as other professionals in the field. cannabis business social network offers a safe and comfortable space to communicate people with businesses. You obtain the most beneficial cannabis website that offers you more lasting results. Workers in the cannabis sector are provided with an area where they can publish information and improve their web presence.

Benefits Of Having Cannabis Business Social Network

1. Promotion and Branding Strategy

Social media platforms for cannabis or marijuana use can give businesses a platform to market their products and brands to specific consumers. These social media platforms boost sales of cannabis-related products and enhance brand recognition.

2. Maintain Relationships

Social media platforms for marijuana allow people and businesses to interact and establish connections with other players in the market. It may lead to partnerships, business opportunities, and cannabis-friendly communities.

3. Current Business News

Additionally, these networks can offer current information on news, trends, and legislation related to the cannabis sector. It might be especially helpful for people who want to keep up with the most recent advancements.

4. Information and Resource Exchange

A weed social network can be useful for exchanging knowledge and materials, including best practices, pointers, and counsel on anything from distribution to growing.

5. Establishing Community

Social media platforms specifically for the cannabis sector can support the growth of a network of like-minded people and businesses that can promote collaboration, support, and a feeling of community.

Key Features That A Cannabis Business Must Have

Cannabis business should focus on some key factors, here are some key features that a network might include:

1. Profiles: Users can make profiles that show their knowledge, experience, and passions in the cannabis business.

2. Networking Tools: To help users communicate with one another, the platform would provide group chats, friend requests, and messaging.

3. Business list: Users may locate suppliers, distributors, retailers, and service providers within the cannabis industry with the use of a list of cannabis-related firms.

4. Knowledge Sharing: Users might exchange research papers, blogs, articles, and other materials about cannabis extraction, marketing, regulation, and other topics.

5. Marketplace: A marketplace might make it easier for companies to purchase and sell cannabis-related goods, machinery, and services.

6. Reviews and Ratings: Customers can rate and consider cannabis-related goods, services, companies, and events.

7. Privacy and Security: To protect user data, strong privacy and security steps are necessary.

If a cannabis business social network combines these features, it may be an invaluable resource for professionals who want to work together and grow rapidly in the cannabis sector.

Top 10 Cannabis Business Social Networks:

Here we discuss with you the top 10 best cannabis business social networks that work and that are also profitable.

1. MjLink:

Visit the MjLink social network if you are a professional in the cannabis sector or if you are happy to connect with other cannabis enthusiasts on social media. In 2013, Tripp Keber, Leslie Bocksor, and Kenneth Tapp launched MjLink.

Creating relationships with product suppliers, manufacturers, marketers, cannabis lovers, and all of this is made easier with the help of this platform. To help with the exchange of cannabis-related offers, videos, and photographs, MjLink members will automatically perform the cannabis business.

This is a platform where no matter which connection your cannabis industry professionally, it is becoming where you put your trust in reality.

In 2020, the MjLink social networking site will reach 2 million users and hopes to reach 3 million clients in the upcoming months.

2. Weedable:

One another big cannabis business social network site is Weedable. This is an app where people can publish their products and make relations with other companies’ owners and potential customers. The most unknown thing is that it is a free platform where you can also advertise the product and sell it.

If you are interested in cannabis then surely join this platform and it will be so beneficial for your business. This is a service that allows all cannabis marketers or enthusiasts to share their experiences and connect with people so easily.

3. Mass Roots:

Do you attend college? I have some cheerful news for you! Mass Roots is an expanding cannabis social media platform designed to connect with university students in 2013. People who use cannabis or items related to cannabis are drawn to this site because of its extensive database. In general, it generates solid bonds between business owners and prospective clients. Mass Roots can provide you with sufficient results and has the power of sound marketing advice. Better to be informed it has reached over 1 million users globally.

However, bear in mind that you can only use this app in places where it is completely legal to use cannabis. If not, you risk being penalised for being a student. You cannot connect with Mass Roots if you use cannabis in a country where it is restricted (banned).

4. WeedLife:

WeedLife, the social network for the cannabis industry, is home to another bright treasure. In 2013, this platform was established. WeedLife has become well-known for its cannabis products. This cannabis company has 45 websites that provide a wealth of information on the cannabis industry and help in the distribution of cannabis or cannabis-related items.

If you are addicted to cannabis, we strongly advise you to sign up for this social media platform to learn more about cannabis-related items.

The company has also founded an app where you directly connect with customers and cannabis producers to share your experience. Users are also permitted to broadcast their products in the WeedLife guide.

5. Duby:

Duby is another platform that has a lot of traffic. Do you want to hide your identity with your cannabis profile but love to use cannabis too, you are in the right place. Duby is one of the most beneficial cannabis business social networks where you communicate and connect without any bother. In a word, this cannabis social media platform is a safe app on a cannabis social networking site. For those who love to smoke weed or take medicine made from some weed, and if you like weed normally then you must be on the Duby platform.

It is manageable for users to find relationships, networks and also dates through videos and content.

Duby is also available on Android and iOS apps where you can easily deal with your products.

6. Grasscity Forums:

Whenever you plan to connect to the cannabis business social network, the Grasscity Forums will be one of the best cannabis social networking sites. It is the oldest cannabis social networking site in the world.  Here you can achieve the whole package that you want to boost everything about cannabis knowledge.

The Grasscity forums usually start with the first online smoke shop where glass pipes, dab pens, dab rigs, marijuana, etc. are available. Nowadays, Grasscity Forums has reached over 60k partners.

7. CannaSOS:

Discovering the top cannabis business social network leads to another community platform, CannaSOS, which is experiencing fast growth. Individuals are communicate with CannaSOS are involved in the cannabis, canna weed, or related drug trade. In addition, people can sell their goods here, build reliable relationships, and learn the most recent details about cannabis usage.

People can connect with more cannabis-related businesses worldwide by using CannaSOS.

8. High There:

High There is a comfortable place for those users who would love to get in touch with cannabis weeds. It is like Tinder, here you have images, videos, and podcasts.

However, if people wish to date each other, they can do it effortlessly. Of course, you know the process if you have used the Tinder dating app. This platform gives you the same opportunity.

Connected with your favourites someone, you do one simple thing that swipes left or right.

You don’t have to pay, it’s available for free on the Google and Apple app stores. It is also available for iOS and Android.   

9. 420 Magazine:

420 Magazine is quite well-known in the cannabis business. This is the greatest spot to get daily cannabis education, including information on growing medical marijuana, photos of flowers and buds, scientific cultivation data, and more.

A sizable cannabis industry social network platform called 420 Magazine makes it simple for users to market and sell goods. Over 2 lakh members are registered here, and 1 lakh people visit each day.

People can enjoy the conversation, product evaluations, educational seminars, and the opportunity to browse other cannabis-related products on this social networking site.

10. LeafWire:

Another significant cannabis industry is LeafWire. Friendly cannabis or cannabis-related services are available here.

LeafWire will work to support business owners in these many industries as they attempt to legalise cannabis and help them get the greatest outcomes. People can easily use this social networking site and Facebook or LinkedIn.


Cannabis businesses must obey some specific features, such as a good profile, lists, networking tools, knowledge-sharing options, marketplace, privacy and security, etc. If a business combines these features, it may be an invaluable resource for professionals who want to work and grow rapidly in the cannabis sector, and that is enough to succeed in the canna world. After all the procedures, people must try to enhance their industry or product in the cannabis business social network.

Hope you understand how to choose the best cannabis social networking site. According to us, all platforms perform better, but it’s all about your personal opinions which should you choose and which is ignored.


Q. What is a cannabis business social network?

A cannabis business social network is an online platform designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, and fans in the cannabis industry to connect to the cannabis business.

Q. Who can join a cannabis business social network?

Generally, individuals and businesses involved in the cannabis industry, including growers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, investors, researchers, advocates, and service providers, can join a cannabis business.

Q. Is it legal to use a cannabis business social network?

The cannabis business was even originally illegal in some countries, but some nations already legalizing its use, such as the United States and Canada.

Q. How do I join a cannabis business social network?

To join a cannabis business social network, you need to create an account on the platform by including some basic information such as name, email address, and some additional details.

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