Top 13 AI Art Generators (Use For Work Or Fun)

Editor / October 18, 2023

AI art generator enhances people’s lives in a variety of ways. In essence, people look for anything akin to artificial work to start or maintain their newly acquired business.   

In the current digital era, artificial intelligence (AI) is widely used by individuals. Many different websites are available in the online market that use AI art generators for the majority of their content, starting with writing, photographs, videos, etc.

In this essay, we’re attempting to explain some of the best AI image generators that frequently assist you in giving your lives a genuine appearance. Here, you can see some of the best AI generators, how they work, the main characteristics of AI, their benefits, and some extra information.   

Understanding The AI Art Generator

AI art generator is the process by which devices, specifically AI algorithms, produce art by copying the styles and methods of well-known artists or by coming up with entirely original and creative works. Without the need for human input, this technology can create anything from paintings to musical designs.

With the help of these art generators, you can easily take advantage and create your passionate system. Hope you understand what is generative AI and how this is helpful for your creative business.

Top 13 AI Art Generators In 2023 (Use It Right Now)

Let’s take a look at this entire topic to understand some AI art generators and how they work. Learn in detail and thought whether they are useful for your creative business or not.

1. MidJourney:

Platform: Discord

Best for: Generating photo-realistic art

Pricing: Free and Paid plans start at $10 per month

Key features:

  • A discord bot that is based on discord
  • Can function in your private messages on Discord
  • Has a robust digital art community
  • Able to connect two submitted photos
  • Change the paragraphs used in variants in the remix mode.

2. Craiyon:

Platform: Web

Best for: Free access

Pricing: free

Key features:   

  • Simple AI art creation
  • Improving generated art in greater resolutions is possible
  • Customization options for many factors and types
  • T-shirts with prints of AI-generated pictures can be ordered through a printing service.

3. Runway:

Platform: Web

Best for: Video editing

Pricing: Free trial; from $15/editor/month for the Standard plan, with 625 credits per month

Key features:

  • Create videos by combining text and graphics
  • Create graphic images with nothing more than your words
  • Expand any image by using simple text instructions
  • Remix the look and feel of any image.

4. Jasper Art:

Platform: Web

Best for: Professional use

Pricing: Paid plans start at $49 per month

Key features:

  • Available in 29 languages
  • Select a medium, artist, and mood for your artwork
  • Get 2k px high-resolution pictures
  • Free of charge to commercial use
  • Watermark not present
  • Unlimited iterations of images.

5. Shutterstock:

Platform: Web

Best for: Run up the creative process

Pricing:  Paid plans start at $49 per month

Key features:

  • Text access leads in more than 20 languages
  • Five primary strategies for producing images
  • Publish or private Shutterstock collections with your saved photographs
  • Create countless variations
  • Images with resolutions of 512 × 512 and 1024 x 1024

6. DALL-E 2:

Platform: Web

Best for: User-friendliness

Pricing:  $15 per 115 credits

Key features:

  • Easy interface
  • Generator of random prompts
  • Can be found in the history tab
  • Keep generated art collections in groups
  • Creates art with great resolution.

7. PhotoSonic:

Platform: Web

Best for: Easily creating images without any bother

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $10 per month

Key features:

  • 10+ graphic and design themes
  • Select the size of your works’ aspect ratios.
  • The pictures’ backgrounds should be removed
  • Self-healing of the face
  • The choice to download enhanced versions of created photographs

8. NightCafe:

Platform: Web

Best for: Seasoned AI artist

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start from $5.99 per month

Key features:

  • 40+ preset styles are available.
  • 5 text-to-image algorithms are available.
  • Stable diffusion model selection
  • Put pictures from your hard drive in the beginning position.
  • Select one image from Pexels to serve as the placeholder.
  • A sophisticated public and private creation search on NightCafe

9. CF Spark Art:

Platform: Web

Best for: Understanding AI technology

Pricing: $9 per month

Key features:

  • Eight presets for art
  • Create artwork in six aspect ratios.
  • Prompt library and advanced prompt builder
  • A personal, searchable library of generated works
  • Professional visual prompt builder

10. Bing Image Creator:

Platform: Web

Best for: Quick and easy AI access

Pricing:  Free

Key features:

  • Integrated with your Microsoft and Bing accounts
  • Download photos without a watermark and save the history of the content that was generated.
  • Created photographs should be saved to specific collections.
  • Share a link to a created image.

11. Dream By WOMBO:

Platform: Web, iOS, Android, Discord

Best for: Personal use

Pricing:  Free, Paid plans start at $9 per month

Key features:

  • 40+ picture presets and styles
  • Create four image versions simultaneously.
  • Watch and download a movie showing the creation of dream images.
  • To edit uploaded photos, use text authorities
  • Download your works in one of two formats: a background picture or a trade card
  • Simple access to and creation of all primary prompts

12. Fotor AI Art:

Platform: Web

Best for: Customize AI art

Pricing: Paid plans start at $8.99 per year

Key features:

  • 9+ style alternatives
  • 3 different parts of ratios
  • Changing design, light effects, art styles, and other factors
  • Create up to five photos for each prompt.
  • You can use AI to further customize your image by uploading it to the platform.

13. Play.HT:

Platform: Web

Best For: Voice-delivering platforms

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $39 per month

Key Features:

  • 907 AI Voices available
  • Create and employ your own passionate speaking methods.
  • Best for AI voice generator
  • Utilize many voices to produce voiceovers that sound like conversations
  • Save and utilize personalized pronunciations.

Advantages Of Using AI Art Generator:

Using AI art generators suggests many advantages for your upcoming business or processing business. Take a small look to learn in detail about the best AI art generator benefits.

1. AI art generators encourage creativity by allowing artists and producers to easily produce a variety of specific works of art.

2. AI is a flexible tool for research because it can copy different types of artistic styles.

3. Additionally, AI image generators can help those with little to no artistic knowledge to create good works, democratizing the process of creating art.

4. AI can also be a source of creativity, helping artists break through creative obstacles and generate fresh ideas. It draws inspiration from earlier works of art to let people see things from new leads.

5. Also, AI-generated art has a commercial value, giving artists the opportunity to profit from their work.

How do AI Art generators work?

AI art generators give you completely free work and help you grow your business so you can give your customers better service. You can change or modify your company in a variety of methods, and you can also acquire a brand-new wonderful assortment to adorn and launch an online business in a pleasant way.

1. The Role Of Device Learning:

The foundation of AI generated art is device learning. Device learning algorithms are used to evaluate massive databases of art in order to find trends, methods, and approaches. These algorithms create new artwork that is similar to that of well-known creators by drawing inspiration from older works of art and applying that knowledge.

2. Data Collection And Analysis:

A huge database of works of art is needed to instruct the AI. Paintings, drawings, and sculptures by many artists and periods may be found in this database. In order to comprehend the unique qualities and features included in each work, the AI system analyzes the data. 

3. Style Transfer Algorithms:    

Algorithms for variety transfer are frequently used in AI art generators. These algorithms combine many styles to produce something new by applying the artistic style of one work to another. A crucial step in creating original work is this procedure.

4. Neural Networks:

The brains of AI art generators are neural webs. They are layers of artificial neurons that collaborate to analyse the input data. These networks produce artwork that imitates the styles, and the knowledge that they keep learned from the training data.

5. The Creative Process:

AI art generators create new works of art by using their awareness of many creative components including color, design, and brushstrokes. The AI follows its instructions to carry out this process, which holds human creativity.

6. Training The Model:

The procedure of training the AI model is difficult. In order to make sure the created art is original and aesthetically good, it entails fine-tuning the neural networks and algorithms. A lot of processing capability is required for this approach.

7. Ethical Considerations:

The popularity of AI art generating is raising ethical questions. The art world is currently debating issues including copyright, ownership, and the potential devaluation of human creation.

8. Human-AI Collaboration:

Some artists essentially embrace AI as a tool to enhance their creative process. Human-AI collaboration is becoming a trend, where artists use AI-generated content as a starting point for their own work, adding their personal touch to it.

Why Is AI Art Generator Controversial?

AI art generators are controversial for some causes. We explained –

1. Originality And Authorship:

One important question is who should be regarded as the “artist” when AI produces the artwork. Does the programmer, the AI system, or both get credit? Traditional creative authorship distinctions are confused by this.

2. Creative Value:

Analysts doubt the creative value and artistic significance of AI-generated art, claiming that it lacks the originality that human artists bring to their creations.

3. Replaced Employment:

There are worries that artificial intelligence (AI) could eventually supplant human artists, having an effect on both their livelihoods and the variety of artistic expression.

4. Ethical Issues:

Some AI art generators have come under fire for producing offensive or contentious material, highlighting moral concerns about AI’s capacity to support prejudice and harmful stereotypes.

5. Copyright And Ownership:

When AI is involved, the topic of copyright and ownership becomes overcast. How is the art market impacted by AI-generated art, and who holds the rights to it?


Q. What Is The Number 1 AI Art Generator These Days?

Jasper Art is a top-notch AI art generator that helps to bring more creative ideas to life to enjoy with starting a business or making fun. This AI-driven web platform is available in 29 languages, free of charge for commercial use and unlimited iterations of images.

Q. Are There Free AI Art Generators Available In The Online Market?

Yes, “Bing Image Creator” is a free AI art generator powered by DALL-E 2 web. Many art generators offer free service but this is one of the most useful and beneficial free AI art generator platforms. You only need a Microsoft account to access this platform.

Q. Is AI Useful For Creating Art?

Most of the projects can be improved with the aid of AI tools and their features. AI can be used, for instance, to play an existing work of art in a specific creative work. Most art is created entirely by AI. AI tools help artists make completely authentic works of music, video, and graphic art.

Q. Is AI Art Generator Legal Or Illegal?

According to U.S. law, a work of art created by AI (Artificial Intelligence) without any human intake cannot be copyrighted. You can use it without any bother. 

Q. Is It Safe To Sell AI Generated Art?

Of course, you can sell AI generated images, but sometimes you should be careful around this process. Uses of AI art for commercial purposes are not allowed by all AI art generators. Try to find some well-known, available AI art generators to see whether one platform helps commercial use of AI images or not.

Q. How Can I Make Money Using AI?

By creating AI-powered services, providing AI consulting, or purchasing products related to AI, you can generate income with this technology. Profit from your AI expertise by working as a freelancer, developing AI software, or taking part in AI contests. AI Data analysis is also a profitable choice.

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