Why Should You Choose Blog Submission Sites To Get Instant Approval?

Editor / May 27, 2024

In this digital marketing world, creating a well-established website is every niche owner’s main goal. The next crucial step is providing as relevant content to the audience as possible. The one simple but effective way to make your website more engaging with the audience is blog submission sites. It allows you to post your blogs on various websites, portals, and directories that are specially hosted by different authors. This strategy boosts your visibility and also improves your site’s organic traffic and earns more relevant, authoritative backlinks.

In this guide, after analysing some authority websites, we FastLinky team will take a step to make this content more engaging and try to summarize every related information about blog submission. Let’s get into the topic now.

What Are Blog Submission Sites?

Websites that allow writers to submit their blog posts for publication, advertising, and community involvement are known as blog submission sites. These websites give writers the chance to reach out to new readers and make their work more visible. Bloggers may improve their SEO efforts and build credibility in their sectors. It not only helps to obtain backlinks but also contains a lot of traffic to your niche relevant site. This is an essential tactic for bloggers who want to increase their online presence, regardless of their experience level.

You need to be more conscious whenever you try to get blog submission websites. If you submit your blog to a low DA or spammy website, it will be a great chance to be penalized by Google. Feeling concerned? Don’t worry! We are here to describe the top high DA with zero or low spamming websites where you can simply put your blog and get traffic to your website. But first, let me tell you the features, advantages and disadvantages of blog submission websites.

5 Top Features Of Blog Submission Sites

1. Content Republishing: Blog submission sites allow you to publish your blog posts, meaning your content can be republished on other platforms. This method can increase your content’s reach and visibility.

2. Generate Quality Backlinks: These sites often provide backlinks to your original blog, which can help improve your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) by improving its authority and ranking.

3. Increased Organic Traffic: When you submit blogs to these platforms, it helps to drive more traffic to your site. Readers who discover your content on the submission site may click through to read more about your blog. And that’s enough for getting excellent traffic.

4. Different Categories: Blog submission sites usually categorize content into different niches or topics. This helps in getting audiences who are interested in the content you create.

5. Social Sharing Qualities: Many blog submission platforms come with combined social sharing options, making it easier for readers to share your content on diverse social media platforms.

Advantages Of Blog Submission Sites

  • Enhanced Visibility: By submitting your blog to numerous websites, you can increase your content’s visibility and attract audiences.
  • Improved SEO: Quality backlinks from reputable blog submission sites can enhance your blog’s SEO which helps it rank higher in SERP.
  • Traffic Boost: Blog submission sites can drive a significant amount of traffic to your blog. They produce your content for audience who might be interested in your topics.
  • Brand Awareness: Regular submissions can help build your brand’s presence online, making it more authoritative within your niche.
  • Networking Opportunities: These platforms often have communities or forums where you can connect with other bloggers and influencers.

Pick The Right Site For Blog Submission

You may have a lot of opportunities to pick any websites for blog submission. But 4 main things you need to keep in mind:

High Domain Authority (DA):

As you know domain authority plays a significant role in SEO. before submitting your blog to a blog submission website, you must check the site’s DA. you need to choose a site with over 30 DA, which is known as an authoritative website. Checking DA, you can choose any SEO tools that are available in search engines including SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, etc.

Relevant Niche:

A relevant website is as crucial as domain authority. You must follow the relevance of a site where if you put a blog, you can get back the benefit too. Thats the reason of choosing the right site that is relevant and trustworthy. If you submit your blog in such a site without checking its authority & relevance, you may responsible for your own work.

High Quality Content:

Before submitting blogs on any blog submission sites, check the quality of content. Many ways to check the qualities. Follow the sites’ blog page, if they always posts quality over quantity with engaging content. Whether you see there is no other attractive content presents, you should avoid and find a new site. 

Organic Traffic:

Traffic count is always at the top level. First, check the site’s traffic by suning many tools like semrush, moz, etc. if a site produce quality content or services, it automatically have much traffic. So it is even crucial to have a enough traffic for blog submission.

10 High DA Blog Submission Sites

Here are ten blog submission sites with Domain Authority (DA) of 80 and above for 2024:

1. Medium.com

Medium.com (DA 95) – A popular platform for publishing articles and blog posts on various topics. This is a great blog submission site that have a great impact for authors who are also new in online blogging sites. All you have to do sign up in this site and you can get an account within a few minutes.

2. Blogger.com

Blogger.com (DA 91) – well-known blogging site powered by google. This platform provides free blog hosting and free subdomain to get started for beginners. Millions of people expresses themselves in blogger.com and reach the audience mind.

3. WordPress.com

WordPress (DA 94) – Another well-known blog submission sites that offering free and paid plans for bloggers. With a great blog submission platform, it is also availbve for building lifestyle blogs, professional stature, business websites, e-commerce stores, mobile applications, and membership sites.

4. Weebly.com

Weebly (DA 54) is an another popular platform of blog submission. The premise behind the website and eCommerce platform Weebly is that anyone should have access to the resources they need to take their business from concept to launch to growth. This is one of the best option to choose if you want to create a profile with simple and costly.

5. Wix.com

Wix (DA 92) – A versatile website builder with a strong blogging component. It is a free, user-friendly platform. With versatile technology and robust features, it gives you the space to create professional websites. You can easily submitted you blog here.

6. Tumblr.com

Tumblr (DA 80) – A microblogging and social networking website that is well-known for short-form blogs. Users can produce blogs about their ideas, vision, interest through links, images, videos, music, etc. its engaging features can contribute the audience needs and work better for giving the best.

7. Hubpages.com

HubPages (DA 81) – Another user-generated blog submission sites where you can create and share articles. This website produce successful articles that are usually written by people who are truly inspirational and uniquely familiar. They are rich, in-depth, and supported with useful media, and reader-friendly.

8. Livejournal.com

LiveJournal (DA 92) – A social networking service where users can keep a blog, journal, or diary. They usually aim to create an environment where you can connect with others, share your thoughts.

9. Quora.com

Quora (DA 92) – Primarily a question-and-answer site but also a platform where you can post blog articles. This one of the popular website that gain much traffic by incorporating search engines ranking pages. A wider audience choose quora for daily needs.

10. Linkedin.com

LinkedIn (DA 99) – It’s a publishing platform that allows you to write articles and share them with your professional network. With sharing content, this platform produces many job opportunities for viewers and create a vast circle gklobally. This site not only offer high DA but also extensive space, making ideal for increasing your blog’s visibility and authority.

Bottom Line

After researching in many websites, we are successful to clarify a detailed instruction about blog submission sites. These sites usually provide backlinks to the original blog, which can help to improve your site’s SEO by improving its authority and ranking. Hope you may get every crucial information related to this topic.

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